Day 1 – The Journey Has Begun

So this is my first day of blogging. Well this isn’t quite a “Blog” actually. It isn’t made for the purpose of attracting visitors of making profits. It is just a simple ‘diary’ type of a blog made by a simple-living 15 Year old who wants to share his day to day happenings and create a lifetime archive for it. So wordpress was just the option for me.

Now , My Name is Sahil and I am 15 years old. I am the No.1 Resident of the Teenage Wasteland. My favorite shows are That 70s show , Seinfeld , How I Met Your Mother , Two and a Half Men(the old one w/ charlie) and some more. 

I have a super interest in Rock N Roll music. I don’t mean the Rock N Roll of today , because it blows , duh. I am talking about the old Classic Rock of the late 60s and the 70s , also some 80s. My favorite bands are…..well the list is endless so lets skip this.

I am an average student. Spring holidays are going on right now and my new session of 10th grade will begin in April and that will be the time when I wont be an Average student. Well that’s because I am more devoted to my studies now than I was in the early 9th grade , in the final term of 9th grade I did my best in exams.

I am a fun loving guy who lives his life to the fullest , whenever he can.

So , this is it , the blog of 2013 , You’ll be hearing more from me in the coming days.


Goodbye till then!Image

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O Listen To The Rain
The rain is coming
Vanishing the pain
Listen to the rain say
As it washes your troubles away

O Listen To The Rain
Its making the trees sing
Making the children swing
Its bringing back the joy
Bringing Back the fun

O Listen To The Rain
Roses are happy
Those shadows of pain
They are long gone
The Rainbow of joy is on its way

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I Left My Heart in Aisle Four

I Left My Heart in Aisle Four.

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Free Computer Animation software


Now adays animation is building a great interest in people so if u want any animations softwares i have 2 that are free  first is macromedia flash software that is free and good for beginners second is the koolmoves that is a free trial soft. u can find koolmoves on and flash by searching on google

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Norton Antivirus download

Norton Antivirus is one of the most trusted computer protection programs in the world, and it has undergone many changes throughout its long industry history. It is a preferred solution by many corporations, as well as millions of home users worldwide.

In its latest version – 2011 – Symantec focused on delivering even more protection and speed improvements to this product, offering probably the most comprehensive list of tools found in an antivirus product to date.

So along with strong antivirus and antispyware protection, tools like Insight Network Protection, SONAR, Intrusion Prevention plus browser, email and download realtime scans are also present. NAV confronts scanned files with anonline reputation database in order to provide another layer of protection, and has quite a few known common program vulnerabilities list that can defend against – even if you aren’t an update freak and feel the need to keep every tiny software on your computer up to date.

NAV 2011 also offers a neat remote network monitoring tool that can be configured on various PCs inside your home network, though this feature may be a bit techy for some regular users.

The interface is really friendly and everything action you decide to do is really one or two clicks away. The team also tried hard these past years to make this product more responsive, decrease its memory footprint and make it use less resources, and the efforts paid off. They still have however a long way to go to compete with NOD32, and even with the free Avast! Antivirus solution. NAV’s resident service uses more than double the amount of RAM than Avast!

Pluses: Antivirus, antispyware, and more tools than any other similar program on the market.

Drawbacks / flaws: Still a bit resource hungry though it has been improved a lot over the past years.

In conclusion: Probably the most complete antivirus solution on the market, NAV 2011 detects, cleans and prevents viruses better than most antiviruses out there. But if you feel that your computer is already running sluggish without any antivirus on it, and you care much about performance, NAV may not be the best idea for you.


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Hi there if you guyz are finding some great sites to timepass then i have some of them which will be useful for your brain also! here they are –  and  these are some website which will help u train ur brain while having fun …..brain training in  a fun way!! enjoy!!!!

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